Pitch Allocations for 9 and 11 a side


Pitch map for Jones Memorial Recreation Ground – Southend

  Jones Memorial Ground and Belfairs Park Date: 1st November

1st November  2020

 Kick off Pitch and Time
 Leigh Ramblers U/11 Blue  Jones,2pm ko, pitch 1
Leigh Ramblers U/11 Black   Jones, 12pm ko, pitch 1
 Leigh Ramblers U/11 White   Jones, 9.45am ko, pitch 1
 Leigh Ramblers U/12 Blue   Jones, 9.45am ko, pitch 2
 Leigh Ramblers U/12 Black   
Leigh Ramblers U/12 White   Jones, 12pm ko, pitch 2
Leigh Ramblers U/13 black   
Leigh Ramblers U/13 EJA  Belfair’s, 10am ko, Main
 Leigh Ramblers U/13 Green   
Leigh Ramblers U/13 White  
 Leigh Ramblers U/14 Blue  
 Leigh Ramblers U/14 white   
 Leigh Ramblers U/14 Black   Belfair’s, 12pm ko, Main
Leigh Ramblers U/15 Green  Jones, 9.45am ko, pitch 5
Leigh Ramblers U/15 Blue   
 Leigh Ramblers U/16 Red Jones, 9.45am ko, pitch 4
Leigh Ramblers U/16 Green  Belfair’s,9.45am ko,  pitch 6, 
 Leigh Ramblers U/17 Blue   Jones, 9.45am ko, pitch 6
Leigh Ramblers U/18 EJA  
Leigh Ramblers ladies  Belfair’s main pitch 2pm
Leigh Ramblers ladies reserves  Belfair’s pitch 5, 2pm
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